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If you have tried betting, you know that winning is less likely than losing. Most people end up spending considerable amounts of money on wagers, only to lose it.
The truth is that analyzing matches is quite a hurdle. You have to consider a lot of factors, and even then, you could easily go wrong. That is why it is a good idea to get betting tips. Below are some sites for your consideration:

Tipsters Portal

When looking for advice, you are likely to come across misleading information when following experts. The same goes for people who use forums for insight as to the outcome of games. Well, with this site, you can do away with these trial and error approaches, as it has verified tipsters. You register an account and get access to tips that will ultimately help you bag bigger wins.
This site is home to hundreds of tipsters, and you thus have a library of information available to you. Also, the tipsters have undergone verification, and you will not come across people masquerading as experts. You can follow the tipsters and choose which one works for you.
Also, you will find that many sites are a gateway to opinions. That means that you bet without concrete foundations as to why you are doing it. Here, the situation is different as you get tips based on statistics. It is not merely a hunch, but rather, a prediction arrived at through science.
Have you come across people who do not lose money on their wagers? Well, you could become one of them. That is not to say that you will never lose money on a bet. Instead, it points to the possibility of more wins in the future. Sticking to a tipster that gets it right is one way to keep the money flowing.
You will love that you can track your performance when using this site. In this way, you can tell when you won big and which tipster you used. Also, you can get the tips delivered to your smartphone, allowing you to be in the loop. Additionally, the customer support is friendly and available round the clock for any queries.

UK Bet Tips

This site provides free betting tips as well as predictions on all major sporting leagues. These tips are easily accessible on the site, and you also have a chance to view the lineups and live scores. The site posts soccer betting tips at least four hours before the game takes place. In so doing, you can get in on the odds before the game starts. You can find the tips and predictions on the site or twitter.
Soccer is the best sport to bet on when using this site, as the tipsters have a lot of knowledge of this sport. Responsible gambling is a strong pillar when it comes to this site. As such, there is an emphasis on moderation, even as you try and make it big in the industry.


This site boasts of millions of winnings owing to thousands of predictions come true. It aims to make betting a simple process, and it thus attracts both pros and newbies. Here, you get a comparison of the odds offered on the market as well as predictions and team stats.
This information enables you to build your bets such that you walk away with considerable winnings.
Streak wager is a new feature in this site that is available to all users. It is free, and it helps you learn how to bet like a professional. Not only can you limit your losses, but you can also increase the money that you win.
This site has a large community of tipsters whom you can follow. They come up with unique algorithms that can predict the results of most matches. You can then use this information to place a bet and hopefully win. Furthermore, you can pore through your betting history to see where you won and where you lost. It allows you to come up with a strategy that will keep the losses at bay.
Using any of these sites will enable you to get better at placing wagers. While the free bets might work, upgrading your account allows you to access more information. All the best!
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Gambling is a risk, but you can reduce the chances of a loss by using strategy. One of these strategies is the reliance on betting tips that help you gauge the probability of an outcome.
Not only do tips save you on time spent in research, but they also increase your winnings.
It all comes down to where you source the advice and how successful the site is. Some sites charge hefty fees, yet the tips are not often right. There is no reason why you cannot use free tips. For one, you get to save money.
Secondly, you get an idea as to how betting tips work, and you use this info to your advantage. Whether you are a newbie or a successful punter, here are some sites for your consideration:

Punters Lounge

This site is twenty years old, and it has a long-standing history of offering tips to its users. People using this site often experience a surge in winnings owing to the experienced tipsters in play.
The tips include those for the week, today, or tomorrow. While the site ventures into less known leagues, it does not take a chance on some leagues. You can benefit from this diverse yet selective mode of operation.
The possible outcomes are available on the site’s main page, and you can access them from ten in the night. It gives you enough time to couple the tips with your knowledge for a better outcome.
Also, it helps to note that there are many leagues represented on this site Accessing the tips is free, and you thus won’t part with money to build your bets.
The forum is friendly, and you can learn a lot when using it. If you wish to talk to customer support, you can do so via phone or website.

Johnny Bet

This site relies on advice offered by successful punters across the globe.
Grasping the information is easy, even if you have not gambled in the past. The predictions are free such that you get professional tips at no added cost. You can also access information as to the teams, such as the players and lineups. It allows you to have more understanding of the game.
You also get advice on how you should bet. While this site has professional tipsters, it does not mean that they cannot go wrong. For this reason, the site also offers some advice on how to approach gambling.
An example would be where you are new in the industry. What site should you choose? How should you read the odds? When should you place a bet? All this information is readily available on the site, with updates coming up now and then.
Tips of the day are a thing with this site, thus earning it popularity in the market. You can place wagers on football, tennis, horse racing, volleyball, and hockey, among other sports.

Online Betting

This platform works for people who wish to do away with research and want to make significant winnings. Here, you can find betting tips, predictions, and match previews. The site compiles odds from the best bookmakers in the market such that you choose what gives you more winnings.
The tips are available daily, and the site often directs users to bonuses and promotions. Thanks to the many matches that one can bet on at a time, you will enjoy a great deal of diversity.
However, the experts advise you to stick to the known leagues as they are likely to have more likely outcomes. When dealing with new teams, things can go south fast.
The match reviews provided are in-depth. As such, you can consider factors such as injuries, changes in management, the form of the team, and records.
With this information, it will not be hard to see why the odds are a certain way. You get to learn a lot as to the types of football betting over time, such as goal-scorer markets and handicaps.

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We all want to make some good money when we place wagers. Nobody wants to walk away, having lost, and feeling frustrated. That is why people spend hours analyzing events before they happen. Will the away team win, or will the home team crush them? What will happen if a specific player is not in the lineup? It is a lot to consider, more so when you are short on time.
That is why people embrace betting tips, free or paid.
In this article, you will find some sites where you can access free betting tips. These sites also direct you to bookies with the best odds so that you can use less money for bigger winnings. Let’s get started:


This site offers insight as to the probability of the outcome of more than twenty sports. It also guides you as to the best bookmakers in the market and the odds you can get from the same. You get access to the most popular tips which you can then combine with your knowledge.
The most popular sports featured on the site are horse racing and football. With these, you can get a ton of tips to help you in placing a wager. It also offers predictions on other sports such as tennis, ice hockey, and boxing, among others. Thanks to this, you can diversify such that you can get more winnings from your wagers.
This site has been operational for more than a decade, and the tipsters featured are very experienced. They make hundreds of thousands of pounds from their insights.
You can access the team stats through your desktop or via an app. Either way, you can analyze the teams in detail before parting with cash.

Sporty Trader

How great would it be to access betting tips without parting with some cash? Well, with this site, it is possible. The site aims to disseminate information regarding predictions. It covers football, basketball, tennis, and rugby, among others. Tipsters on this site have been in the business for a while, and they are knowledgeable when it comes to wagering.

Free Super Tips

This site focuses on football matches, and it offers variety in the range of markets. From in-play tips to accumulator tips, this site has a lot of information that works to your advantage. The tips are available by ten in the night, where the match is set to happen the next day.
This early posting makes it possible for you to analyze the options and choose accordingly.
You will be happy to know that this site also offers in-play betting tips. As such, you can make money as you stream live events. You can follow this site on twitter for more details on upcoming events.

Betting Expert

If you want variety in markets as well as constant cash flow, this site will interest you. It offers predictions for events as well as in-depth analyses of the events.
This site relies on betting experts who have been in the industry for a considerable while. That way, they can steer you into leagues where you can make some good cash. Also, this site is open to receiving more tipsters.
As such, when you become a pro in analyses, you can get some extra income here.
Its primary focus is on football, as is the case with most sites. It features popular leagues across the globe. As such, you can choose to bet on a given league instead of going for the standard options. Additionally, this site offers advice on the best bookmakers in the industry.

Tips Bet

This site offers free advice on how to place a wager, thus putting you at the forefront of winning.
That way, you can make an informed decision when wagering your money. This platform stands out in that it allows users to place more than one bet at a time.
It enables you to make a lot of money even when wagering a small principal.
The interface is easy to navigate, and you should have an easy time following up on predictions. You can also get invaluable advice as to which bookmakers are the best to use for all levels.
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sports betting tips laptop

Since betting began, people have relied on tips to make more money out of their wagers. They would listen to friends, bookies, and the people around them in search of some advice. This practice has not come to an end. Instead, it has become more widespread than it was in the past.
You now have access to tens of sites offering tips at a fee or for free. However, the problem is that some of these sites are out to deceive people. They do not have experts in their teams and are thus offering misleading information.
Using such a website can set you back hundreds of pounds before you realize what is happening. To avoid unnecessary losses, it is a good idea to rely on a reputable betting tips site.
Below are some options:

Bet Shoot

This site has been around for a while, and you can learn a lot about it by going through its history. It offers predictions on various sports in a bid to help its audience make more money.
It caters to all betting levels, such that pros and beginners alike can rely on its insights. Experienced tipsters generate the predictions as well as betting tips.
In this way, you can have a glimpse of all the stats before you place a bet. You will love that the tipsters have healthy competition amongst themselves. This way, they work hard in generating in-depth analyses in the hope of getting the lion’s share in the platform.
They set high standards for upcoming tipsters, and they provide users with a lot of information as to the leagues.
Football is the main sport in this platform. However, you can get tips as to other sports such as tennis. The tipsters follow news updates on matches as they come up with detailed reports.
Also, they assign figures to their predictions on a scale of 1 to 10. In this way, you can tell how confident a tipster is about their prediction. You can then incorporate your knowledge of the game to make an informed decision.

Confirm Bets

This site offers a variety in the betting tips categories. You can choose to have a basic plan or upgrade to a VIP package where you will have more options.
There are also odds plans and guru plans, amongst other products. This platform works in connecting bettors to tipsters. These tipsters go by the name gurus, and they share their tips on various games on the site.
The good thing is that users can compare the success rates of the tipsters. In this way, you can choose which tipster works for you, based on their success rates.
The site also advises you on where you can place your bets at better odds. That means that you can make more money as opposed to when dealing with low odds.
The pillar of this platform is to help people make better decisions when betting, through the use of expert advice. It is important to note that there aren’t any fixed matches on this platform.
It caters to the needs of football lovers across the globe by offering a variety in league predictions. Also, you can reach the customer service with ease if you have any queries.

Free Super Tips

As the name implies, this site offers betting tips at no charge, and it works for all betting levels. If you wish to do away with losing to bookies, this would be an excellent place to start. You get access to in-depth analyses of leagues across the globe, which helps you increase your winnings.
Also, there are hundreds of pounds on offer for new customers as the site directs you to the best bookies. You will especially appreciate how detailed the predictions are and the frequency of their releases.

Bottom Line

While having tips helps a great deal, it does not take away from work cut out for you. You should also do some research on the teams, taking into account their form and management.
It allows you to know when a tipster is too confident and when they could be wrong. If you choose to follow tips solely, you will not learn much about betting. All the best! Continue reading article