football betting

If you have tried betting, you know that winning is less likely than losing. Most people end up spending considerable amounts of money on wagers, only to lose it.
The truth is that analyzing matches is quite a hurdle. You have to consider a lot of factors, and even then, you could easily go wrong. That is why it is a good idea to get betting tips. Below are some sites for your consideration:

Tipsters Portal

When looking for advice, you are likely to come across misleading information when following experts. The same goes for people who use forums for insight as to the outcome of games.
Well, with this site, you can do away with these trial and error approaches, as it has verified tipsters. You register an account and get access to tips that will ultimately help you bag bigger wins.
This site is home to hundreds of tipsters, and you thus have a library of information available to you. Also, the tipsters have undergone verification, and you will not come across people masquerading as experts. You can follow the tipsters and choose which one works for you.
Also, you will find that many sites are a gateway to opinions. That means that you bet without concrete foundations as to why you are doing it.
Here, the situation is different as you get tips based on statistics. It is not merely a hunch, but rather, a prediction arrived at through science. Have you come across people who do not lose money on their wagers? Well, you could become one of them.
That is not to say that you will never lose money on a bet. Instead, it points to the possibility of more wins in the future. Sticking to a tipster that gets it right is one way to keep the money flowing. You will love that you can track your performance when using this site.
In this way, you can tell when you won big and which tipster you used. Also, you can get the tips delivered to your smartphone, allowing you to be in the loop. Additionally, the customer support is friendly and available round the clock for any queries.

UK Bet Tips

This site provides free betting tips as well as predictions on all major sporting leagues. These tips are easily accessible on the site, and you also have a chance to view the lineups and live scores. The site posts soccer betting tips at least four hours before the game takes place.
In so doing, you can get in on the odds before the game starts. You can find the tips and predictions on the site or twitter. Soccer is the best sport to bet on when using this site, as the tipsters have a lot of knowledge of this sport.
Responsible gambling is a strong pillar when it comes to this site. As such, there is an emphasis on moderation, even as you try and make it big in the industry.


This site boasts of millions of winnings owing to thousands of predictions come true. It aims to make betting a simple process, and it thus attracts both pros and newbies.
Here, you get a comparison of the odds offered on the market as well as predictions and team stats. This information enables you to build your bets such that you walk away with considerable winnings.
Streak wager is a new feature in this site that is available to all users.
It is free, and it helps you learn how to bet like a professional. Not only can you limit your losses, but you can also increase the money that you win.
This site has a large community of tipsters whom you can follow. They come up with unique algorithms that can predict the results of most matches.
You can then use this information to place a bet and hopefully win. Furthermore, you can pore through your betting history to see where you won and where you lost. It allows you to come up with a strategy that will keep the losses at bay.
Using any of these sites will enable you to get better at placing wagers. While the free bets might work, upgrading your account allows you to access more information. All the best!